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About DuetRight

Seattle's Best Handyman Team

Experience unmatched professionalism and reliability with Duetright. We deliver expert solutions for homes, businesses, and properties.

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Your Challenges, Our Solutions

We've seen it all - the leaking faucet that disrupts your morning, the broken railing that's a safety hazard for your kids, and the daunting task of installing that beautiful, yet complex, wooden hot tub you've always wanted.

Our diverse team becomes your partner in restoring balance to your home, business, or property. Our attention to detail means that no task is overlooked. Efficiency isn't just about speed; it's about timing our work to fit seamlessly into your life, making sure we're done before the baby's nap-time ends, before your next family gathering, or before your business opens for the day.

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Tailored Services For Every Need

At DuetRight, our services are crafted to address a wide variety of needs, encompassing everything from quick fixes to full-scale renovations. Our skilled team is adept at managing anything from minor repairs to customized installations and emergency responses.

If you have a project in mind, please reach out to discuss your specific needs, no matter how unique or challenging they might seem. We pride ourselves on providing transparent consultations to help you understand potential costs and the scope of work. Let us help you make informed decisions with no surprises along the way.

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Our Team

Meet the DuetRight Team

Headshot of DuetRight Co-Founder and Director of Operations, Angelo Russoniello

Angelo Russoniello

Director of Operations
Languages Spoken
English, Italian
Favorite Hobbies
Snowboarding and Hiking
Headshot of DuetRight Co-Founder and Project Manager, Stan Miron

Stan Miron

Project Manager
Languages Spoken
English, Russian
Favorite Hobbies
Headshot of DuetRight Office Manager, Abi Marbella

Abi Marbella

Office Manager
Languages Spoken
English, Filipino
Favorite Hobbies
Hiking and Camping
Headshot of DuetRight Senior Field Operations and Project Executive, Vladimir Tsvetkov.

Vladimir Tsvetkov

Senior Field Operations,
Project Executive
Languages Spoken
English, Russian
Favorite Hobbies
Cooking and Traveling
Headshot of DuetRight Task Manager, Micaeala Stewin

Micaela Stewin

Task Manager
Languages Spoken
Favorite Hobbies
Cross Country Ski and Hot Yoga
Headshot of DuetRight Cleaning Services Specialist Marina Tsverkova.

Marina Tsverkova

Cleaning Services Specialist
Languages Spoken
English, Russian
Favorite Hobbies
Hiking and Traveling
Headshot of DuetRight Tiling Architect Vladimir Moroz.

Vladimir Moroz

Tiling Architect,
Team Guide
Languages Spoken
English, Russian
Favorite Hobbies
Motorcycling and Snowboarding
Headshot of DuetRight Carpet Specialist Elena Khudi.

Elena Khudi

Carpet Specialist
Languages Spoken
English, Russian
Favorite Hobbies
Running and Yoga
Headshot of DuetRight Project Operations Assistant, George Kukhtinov.

George Kukhtinov

Project Operations Assistant
Languages Spoken
Favorite Hobbies
Mission Statement

At DuetRight, We're Not Just Fixing Homes—We're Building Lasting Relationships.

We’re transforming handyman service in Seattle. Our promise: Deliver outstanding quality in both our work and in every client interaction. We foster a culture of trust and transparency, because every member of our community deserves to feel valued and supported.

Our Clients Say it Best

They communicated effectively through the duration of the project, and my wife and I are thrilled with the results. We will absolutely be hiring them again for our next project around the house.

Taylor H.

"If I could give 100 stars I would. I can't say enough good things about this company. The attention to detail and communication is stellar. Their work is absolutely spot on as well as beautiful."

Terri H.

"He listened to us and what we had to say, and did the job right. He provided great customer service as well. We really appreciated Duet Right and Angelo. We will be hiring them in the future and highly recommend them!"

Victoria H.

Common Questions We Receive

We're dedicated to being fully transparent about our work. If you can't find an answer to one of your questions, please get in touch.

Are you licensed and insured?

Absolutely! DuetRight is a fully licensed and insured handyman business, ensuring your peace of mind when engaging with our services. We hold a contractor license, possess comprehensive insurance coverage, and are bonded. This trifecta of credentials underscores our dedication to professionalism and adherence to industry standards.

What are your rates?

Our pricing model is based on a flat fee per project, which allows for clear and upfront cost expectations. Our minimum flat rate for any project is $180, plus applicable sales taxes. This model simplifies the billing process and ensures transparency.

Can you provide a quote or estimate before starting the work?

Yes, we always provide a detailed quote or estimate before initiating any project or repair. This practice ensures that our clients are well-informed about the costs involved and can make budgetary decisions with confidence.

How soon can you start, and how long will the work take?

The timeline for starting a project and its duration varies based on the project's scope and urgency. For immediate concerns, such as water leaks, we prioritize and address these issues promptly. For larger projects, we provide an estimated timeline following a detailed assessment and proposal, keeping our clients informed every step of the way.

What kind of warranty or guarantee do you offer on your work?

DuetRight stands behind the quality of our workmanship with a one-year warranty. This guarantee reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional service and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Do I need to provide any materials, or do you supply everything?

DuetRight stands behind the quality of our workmanship with a one-year warranty. This guarantee reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional service and ensuring customer satisfaction.

How do you handle unexpected issues or additional work that may arise during the project?

Our initial proposals are detailed and consider the project's scope comprehensively. Should unforeseen issues arise, we communicate transparently with our clients to discuss the implications and adjust the project plan and costs as necessary.

What safety measures do you implement while working on a project?

Safety is paramount at DuetRight. We adhere to rigorous safety protocols, including the use of protective gear such as goggles, gloves, helmets, and safety shoes. We also adapt to specific safety requirements, such as wearing masks or shoe covers when working indoors, to ensure a secure environment for both our team and clients.

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Consider Us for Your Next Project

Experience high-quality workmanship and clear communication with our versatile handymen.